Wednesday 7 November 2012

Man bashing

I love my friends.  No more than when we are having lunch, completely slating our wonderful Hubbys for all their worth.  Why do we get so much enjoyment out of this?!  We have a male friend who eats with us and he is the only, very outnumbered, defence for the male species.  He isn't married and doesn't have a long term partner so he feels no effect from the brandishing that lashes from our increasingly agitated states of mind!!

By the time we are finished, we have dishevelled the good reputations of our other halves to the point that they would remind us of a homeless, weak tramp, with his woolly hat, holed shoes and cider in a Brown bag.  And why is this activity so infectious?  Anyone of us could start off the conversation...'I was so pissed off last night'...'You will never guess what he did'.....'What is it with men?'  From that moment on, those not initiating are drawn in like a magical spell has been cast.  Eyes wide, poised, waiting for the next line......and it's not difficult to join the band wagon at that point.

I find the most emotive topics are either a lack of house keeping, not being pro-active, feeling ill (as in 'I sneezed, I think I have pneumonia') or the constant badgering for sex. 

I have come to believe that us girls use these forums because we can't actually face the real problem.  For example.  My Husband (or Stanny as I will call him) decided to help me out at the weekend and cleaned our utility room, which I was going to do before our visitors arrived.  What a lovely gesture.  There he was, standing in the kitchen, all peacock proud waiting for the usual oral tap on the head - which I might care to mention I never get when I have cleaned the house from top to bottom! - so I don't have the heart to moan at his sandpaper still laying on the table, where it has been for a week because I am still waiting for him to PUT IN THE SHED!!!!!!!!  Phew...See how this goes?!  I tell you, it's a curse!

I suppose I should blame myself for getting irate.  He is not going to change but everytime I wait for that small miracle that he will see the sand paper, think 'that belongs in the shed' and take it out for himself, it never comes.  I suppose I am just jealous that he has this magical condition that enables him to block out certain visions like, incorrectly placed tools, shoes, jumpers, glasses.....oh don't get me started on the glass collection he keeps on his bedside table...

So I love man bashing.  I think every therapy in the country should use it.  I think man bashing could save a lot of marriages.  Don't you agree??

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