Wednesday 7 November 2012

Let's start at the very beginning.......

To coin a phrase from a song from one of my favourite films.  In fact I could use many different lines for the title of this, my first ever blog.

Recently I have been introduced to the world of blogging through many friends who have tried it and become successful, both at the act itself and the repercussions from it.  I have thought to myself, why not give it a try?  What harm can it do?  None, I realise very quickly.  I have no agenda; do not wish to make a fortune.

Let me describe my reasons for this intreped adventure into a new world.  I am not the most 'techno' friendly but at 38 I feel a need to keep my toe dipped in the e-ocean, as it were.  I have a busy life.  A full time working mum of three, two of which are still at home.  I have a lovely husband 8 years my junior, who keeps me young..some would say immature!
Yes, my life seems to be much the same as the next woman who 'wants it all', so why do I feel alone in my situation?  And why do I feel that I don't 'want it all' - as we are so badged by the outside world.  I am not sure of the answers but I do know that writing things down helps...and although my friends are the most gorgeous supporters in the world, they all have opinions.  I chose to blog simply because it can be anonymous.  I can write down the most frustrating parts of my life and no-one is going to offer their unsolicited thoughts.

So that is a small introduction.  Feel free to read, ignore or do whatever you will...but I warn you.  My blogs will be honest, frank and sometimes a little near the mark.......I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

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